17 November 2014

I was invited recently to participate in the Pre-conference Oracle WebRTC Workshop of the TADSummit 2014 (Istanbul). I should speak about the implementation and architecture details of a WebRTC deployment in a Communication Service Provider. It was a real challenge, I had a lot of work in the previous weeks and I know about the excellent quality of the other speakers: Doug, Elias from Quobis or Stephano Gioia (who made a highly recommended presentation about What is (and isn't WebRTC) ).

Even without time and being a technical guy, I've tried to do something different, speaking about our experience in the TADHack 2014 (where we've deployed and supported the Oracle platform) and a combination of some previous experiences from the deployment in some LATAM operators. Here you can see the slides:

Oracle - WebRTC Pre-conference TADSummit Workshop from antonry

And also a photo from Optare (Thanks!):

I really enjoyed the Pre-conference workshop. It was very constructive and some of the assistants were very interested in WebRTC and the business model behind it. In general, TADSummit was an excellent event, three days full of meetings and very interesting conversations about WebRTC and Telecom APIs.

There is something I've particularly enjoyed this time: Istanbul. Amazing city.