15 May 2014

In May 2014, Oracle propose us to deploy and manage its SANE solution for the TADHack event and support the developers community. With only a few weeks, it was a big challenge. I've participated as technical responsible and it was a great experience because it was a very different type of project: any operator was involved so we were free to choose the platform. Also the requirements were very different: the main goal was engage the developers.

This is the list of activities we did: 1. Create a website with all the information needed by the developers. 2. Create a Github community to provide source code samples, a ticketing system and so on. 3. We've deployed Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper and Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller in Amazon Web Services to give access to the developers. * We run some webinars, as for example this one with Alan Quayle, Oracle Comms and Alerant:

It was a great experience and I hope to repeat the next year!.

More info can be found in the TADHack blog.