01 October 2014

Some weeks ago, Oracle has proposed us to write an article about WebRTC to be published in its blog: http://blog.webrtc-solutions.com. I was in charge of the main edition, with some colleges helping in the revision (thanks Sandra, Eva and Nacho!). It was a good time to review why WebRTC is so important to us. There are a lot of companies involved today with WebRTC, different sectors, different sizes and types as you can see in the The WebRTC Landscape Infographic from Brad Bush.

The WebRTC Landscape Infographic – June 2014

WebRTC is so exciting for us because very specific reasons... so I've developed our motivations in the article: as expert in telecom service exposure, WebRTC is the perfect choice to expose one of the main telecom assets: voice, and with less importance yet, video. In fact, I see WebRTC as a key part of the Service Delivery Platforms of the near future.

The article: WebRTC as key part of Service Exposure