30 June 2015

I've been invited by Oracle Comms to join Geecon 2015 to speak about Web Real Time Commutations – Voice, Video, and Data Communications with my good friend Douglas Tait. It's always a pleasure to work with someone as Doug and his feedback about previous editions was really good, so I was more than happy to participate in this event.

When I joined the event, I quickly realized Doug was right. There are all things you can expect from a developer event but mixed with a lot of fun things. Everybody is really friendly, organizers made a huge effort to make everybody feel really well. There are a lot of jokes. I really like the speakers hats, even if my head is too big for them, I know, it's my fault ;-)

One of the things I was more impressed with it's the place itself. It's a commercial cinema in Krakow. So everyday when the event ends, movies start. It's awesome. The place is perfect for conferences: great sound, great screen, comfortable chairs, etc. At the same time, it should be easy to book it, most of the cinemas are empty now, at least in Spain. It's a great idea and a good example of how Geecon organizers are able to think out of the box.

The other thing I really enjoyed it was the attendees. They were very participative, making good questions, proposing new ideas. In one of the conferences, even helped the speaker with some IntelliJ Idea shortcuts, really cool! With our talk it wasn't different, they made a lot of questions and we finished speaking with a lot of them. For something so specific as WebRTC and communications, it was great to see some people really interested on it. I have been always jealous of the Java ecosystem in relation to the TAD ecosystem, even with the great help of TADHack, there is a big gap yet.

Our talk was about how Java helps in communications, with focus on WebRTC, SIP and Telecom APIs. People was more interested in WebRTC than any other subject. We run some demos, show some code and made some jokes. Here it's the video recorded by the Geecon organizers:

GeeCON 2015: Antón Yuste, Douglas Tait - Web Real Time Commutations – Voice, Video, and Data Communications from GeeCON Conference on Vimeo.

I really would like to repeat next year. This is one of the best events where I had the opportunity to participate.