13 February 2015

I've been using Talend Open Studio for a long time. It's an impressive software to do automated tasks, it works well and the development is quite fast. Furthermore, the TtHW (Time to Hello World) is really short. As you can see, I like it.

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to use it Talend Open Studio to access the JMS Topic where OCSG shows all the runtime information: the Event Data Records (EDRs). This is the main place for debugging so it's really important. The article is based in the offical documentation Creating EDR Listeners but adapted to TOS.


You will need an OCSG 6 or 5.1 running and also the TOS Data Integration installed in your computer.

Talend Open Studio development

Drop a tJMSInput component in the canvas and double click over it.

tJMSInput component

Configure all the fields as you can see in the following picture:

tJMSInput fields

Some important notes:

Weblogic configuration

There is a missing point, and it's the key. In the Weblogic console:

  1. Go to the Domain Structure and Select Services -> Messaging -> JMS-Modules.
  2. Click on WLNGJMSResource -> EdrTopic -> Advanced.
  3. Find Create Destination Identifier and introduce com.bea.wlcp.wlng.edr.EdrTopic and Save.
  4. Reboot the Weblogic.

Weblogic JMS Configuration

This step is mandatory because of the tJMSInput component but it can be avoided if you are accessing the JMS Topic in another way.

The end

That's all. Click on Run in the Talend Open Studio and you should be subscribed to the Topic. Send an SMS from the PTE and you should start to generate EDRs. The next step would be create the Java classes to access the EDR information and start to work with it.