23 April 2015

I am very glad to be part of TADHack again. The last year it was a great experience but everything was new so, with my previous experience, and I am sure this year I am going to enjoy it even more.

Furthermore, we continue collaborating with Oracle Comms providing the Oracle Sandbox. It's challenging and fun at the same time. Someone may think this year is easier because it's the second time... No!. There are a lot of new things and, even most important, we've deployed the last versions of all the Oracle Comms products:

I am specially excited with OCCAS, there are a lot of new features and I'm looking forward to learn more and do something with it. It would be great to develop some hack and participate also as developer in the Hackathon.

If you are a developer or you work with Oracle Comms and you want to check the last versions, don't miss the opportunity. Visit tadhack.optaresolutions.com or check the following webinar with Alan Quayle, Doug Tait and myself introducing the Oracle sandbox.

Here you can find my slides, I am trying a more visual style so I recommend the webinar.

I hope see you in TADHack Lisbon!!