31 July 2015

Without any type of doubt, TADHack is my favourite event in the year. Mainly because of three reasons:

My participation in this event is mainly because we are running and providing support for the Oracle Comms environment, there is a web with information about all the resources in case you are interested: http://tadhack.optaresolutions.com. Even if it's the second year we are doing it, the installation of the three Oracle SDP products it's not straightforward. We had to update to the last versions of the products and we are always looking for ways to improve it. It's not a secret we are using Amazon Web Services to support this infrastructure. Some day I have to write a post about the whole infrastructure and how we are using AWS to support the service. The part about how we upload the VMs to AWS EC2 is quite awesome and tricky because some of them are based in customized Linux versions.

One of the most interesting things this year was the opportunity to participate as developers. Obviously we cannot be winners of the Oracle prize, it wouldn't be fair, but we can combine the Oracle environment with other sponsors, in this case we chose Intel providing an embedded board. Also we have a new member in the NetApps team, Jonathan, who is a great Java and Android developer. Here it's the video where he's showing the hack in Lisbon:

And now the big news... we won!

You can see my big smile in the photo. I'm more than happy being one of the winners. I guess I always have been a bit jealous of the others developers :-)

In short, TADHack 2015 has been great and bigger than the 2014 edition. The TAD ecosystem is evolving very quick and I'm really excited to see how this evolves in the following years.