01 April 2017

Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak in the Python Vigo meetup. It was just a lightning talk, 5 minutes. Why?. I really enjoy Python Vigo meetups, they are useful, fun and I always learn something new. So, when I read an email asking for speakers, I proposed the only Python related subject I know something about: Jython.

I have been using Jython for years to manage Weblogic servers. Being honest, I don't like it, without any doubt I would prefer to use Groovy, in fact, that's what we usually do. But I thought it may be interesting for someone in the Python community.

It was my first time doing a talk so short. Also I'm more used to do them in English. It was clear to me how hard it's to do a 5 minutes talk, even for an easy subject like this.

I just wanted to say three things, if possible, without slides:

Probably, the talk wasn't clear for most people... Also I miss 15 seconds more to finish my example. Yet, some people asked me some things later related to it... so I'm not completely sad with the result and I learnt how hard it's to do a good lightning talk.

In case you are insterested, in this GitHub repo you can find the things I did and also a Readme with the explanation. The talk is recorded so you can watch it here:

Notes for the future: